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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Luminato Presents Maybelline

In June, I finished class early and decided to browse around downtown before I decided to head back home. Ivy and I decided to go shopping at Eaton Centre and we noticed there was some sort of event that was happening at Dundas square. Of course, I decided to check it out! It was a cultural/music festival. Maybelline and Redken were also advertising their products at the same event, that same week. They had laptops set up all around the tent. Redken laptops had a survey that allowed their customers to fill out to find out exactly which products would be best suited for their hair.

Maybelline was advertising their new vibrating mascara. Maybelline's laptops offered a survey as well but it was also to register your profile for a contest. I had to explain my skin type, what kind of make up I prefer, what make-up style I liked, etc.

Who would have guessed.. I, 1 out of 9 people won the prize pack! They supplied me with make-up chosen specially for me based on my survey! How awesome is that?

My personalized make-up package is worth approximate $200. I never win anything! This is why I am so happy and excited!

They did give me 3 different shades of foundation! That is puurrrrfeeeeccctt! From a very light shade to a slightly bit more tanned tone incase I do get a bit dark (which I have).

Three kabuki brushes, one for each foundation, I am assuming.

Along with the three foundations, they have also given me 3 mineral concealer packages. They are not identical tones as the foundations and that's great! They do also recommend to find a concealer that is approximately 1-2 shades lighter.

Can't forget the blush! Oh I can't explain how happy I am with this package! I absolutely LOVE mineral make-up and they have provided me with everything I needed. (I was running out of foundation but I have been too lazy to go purchase a new one.)

Can't forget the final touch, the mineral veil.

Eyeshadowwwwwww <3

The three essentials, pencil eyeliner, liquid eyeliner and of course mascara!

Two different shades of lipstick; plum (350) and crushed (300).

And of course, the make-up bag the make up came in.

I will be doing reviews on each of the products I have recieved from Maybelline. I would like to thank them again for sending me all these amazing products! See you all soon for the reviews!!!!


I have been nominated thanks to Paparazziskin and now it's my turn to return the favour! Check her out! Best blog to learn about your skin! One of my favourite blogs!

Rules of Acceptance:
*Acknowledge the person who sent you the award.
*Nominate 7 other blogs.
*Share your 7 personality traits so we can get to know you better.

My 7 Traits
1. I have this weird obsession with green! It doesn't matter what shade of green but I love it! I started to notice that I have a lot of 'jade green' in my closet... so it's about time to lean towards a different colour... so people don't think I am wearing the same thing.

2. I am a friends FREAK! I remember most of their lines and I can never get bored of watching it! Watching friends is my way of staying calm.

3. i'm very open. By what I mean open is... I'm not afraid to burp or do nasty things around my friends.. or strangers..(don't think I'm gross) lol
4. I have a hard time throwing things out.. even items I've had since I was 5 years old. How do I get over this?

5. I'm VERY loud! Not such a good trait, people always tell me to lower my voice. It's kind of embarassing sometimes.

6. I hate being late. Being on time is being 10 mins early from the actual time. You guys probably think I'm a freak now, don't you?

7. I've changed a lot over the years and I am still changing. I hope it will all be for the good/better *crosses fingers* but I'd say I am a friendly person but not I am not as friendly as I used to be. I am slowly working on this trait.

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