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Monday, March 2, 2009

Victoria Jackson

I was cleaning my washroom cupboard on Friday and I had found an eyeshadow palette from Victoria Jackson sitting in the back of the cupboard.

Let me tell you the story of how I had purchased this item (and I don't know why I had even considered these purchases).

So my girlfriend Ann and I were on break at work when we decided to go out for lunch that day. As we were getting into the car, this female in the car beside Ann's car began to knock on the car window. I asked Ann if she knew who she was and neither of us knew who she was. I didn't feel comfortable opening the window but I thought perhaps she was lost and needed directions *shrugs. She started asking questions like, "do you ladies wear make up, how often, etc, etc" and she started throwing all of these "free" products that would come along with the eyeshadow palette purchase.

We told her we will look at her products after our break and for her to give us her phone number (which was not difficult for her to give up).

We came back from our break to talk to her and see the products. The products were very iffy, but what had caught our attention were the small "free" items. The palette was a nice "looking" palette but it was not that great of a quality, 'quality'. The 'free' brushes were surprisingly better quality than had expected. The lip gloss 4 colour-package with a travel size lip brush were also 'surprisingly' better quality products as well. The one item that had caught our eyes were the bronzer. It had a built in brush and all you had to do was push down the button once to fresh the brush to apply the bronzer (at this time it only seemed amusing for travelling essentials.)
She was offering this purchase for $45.00

I would like to believe this was an impulse purchase and I do regret wasting that money.

To be honest, I don't remember why we had purchased these items from her. She seemed so disorganized and seemed desperate to make the sale to earn the money from the commission she would get from her sales (which I can relate to). She repeated herself numerous times, telling us that Victoria Jackson was a famous make-up artist and she was launching her line (this is where I should have caught on that this would not be a good product). Why would a famous make-up artist launch a make-up line using sales reps to run around to pitch the sale instead of opening a booth or store to launch their line. Everyone makes mistakes and this one was a big no, no for me.

After this incident, I personally do not even consider looking at products from sales representatives running around the mall to do their sales pitch. It is unprofessional and I should know better that the products will not be good quality.

I have yet touched the eyeshadow palette. The only products I have tried or used are the bronzer, the brushes and the lip gloss.

The bronzer stopped applying nicely after the first few days. The lipgloss is decent but is not as bright as one had hoped.

The only products I use on a weekly basis are the brushes. The bristols are nice and thick and they are decent brushes to use and throw away in a few weeks/months.

Basically I spent $45.00 on cheap'er' brushes.

I do not recommend anyone to purchase from these sales representatives. I do not like the products and honestly they scam you. They will say anything just to get you to buy this. I don't know what we were thinking. I would like to believe that we were running late to go back to work and we it truly was a stupid impluse purchase. It is just plain ol' unprofessional.


  1. i hate direct sales! too bad it's not great.

  2. lol i know someone who was a sales rep for victoria jackson.