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Monday, April 6, 2009

The Library & Procrastinating

I have never realized how much I appreciated the library. I tried to finish my report and prepare notes for exams in my room and I was easily distracted. (A.D.D?)

I just arrived to the library and I got more work done in the last hour than I have done in the past two days. It took me 2 DAYS to finish my part of the report. That is considered to be very sad especially seeing how much work I really had done or could have done in that time.

Once exams are over, I am going to turn my brother's old room into my own office. It is currently being used as a storage room for my mother's orders. I will have to clear it out and move my desk there. I hope I go through with it but my room may end up looking very empty.

I will take a picture of my room now (when it is cleaned up) and hopefully you guys can give me some sugggestions on changes that can or should be done to my room.

Ok time to get back to work.


P.S WHY IS IT SNOWING IN APRIL? It was +17 degrees yesterday and it became -2 today?

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