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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Dermaglow Correction Cleanser

Sorry I haven't been writing here. I've been stressed out about looking for a better job and keeping up with this diet of mine (I will update you guys on that another time).

So this summer has been one interesting summer. It has been raining a lot and it gets way too humid for me espeically after the rain stops. My skin gets very sticky and oily, making me feel very nasty! I was browsing Shoppers Drug Mart one day (one deadly store) and I was looking at a Vichy package that was on sale. There happen to be a specialist working at that SDM location on that particular day. She asked what it was that I was looking for. I explained to her my situation; my skin has been getting very oily and it makes me feel dirty. She recommended for me to try a gel cleanser, fragrance free. She showed me the Dermaglow, correction line. She said it is a safe bet to help my skin because there aren't as many chemicals as other cleansers would have. There are no fragrance, dyes or parabens in this cleanser.

Normally I don't believe sales associates because I feel they are trying to get the best commision they can earn. But she didn't work for Shoppers Drug Mart, she works for Dermaglow and wanted to teach the workers in the cosmetic department about the line. I know what you're thinking, she's scamming me into purchasing products from the company she works for but I genuinely believed that she was trying to help me. She also did mention that I can return the product in 30 days with my reciept used or not (for all of those who did not know you can returned used products).

I was very hesitant. It was a line I was not very familiar with. I have seen the line at Shoppers Drug Mart but I didn't give it a second look. I have been very pleased with this product. It has done everything it said it would.

-Clarifies skin and controls oil
-Reduces pore blockage
-Inhibits acne causing bacteria

My skin feels fresh and clean after cleansing my skin. My skin has helped with my oil control, oh you would not believe. Good-bye oil sheets! So let's look at this again,

1.) Fresh clean feeling
2.) Has helped oil control (significantly)
3.) Have cleaned my pores which has reduced the acne breakouts

1.) To me, $30 is a lot for 3.5 Oz
2.) The texture takes some time to get used to (it took me about 3-4 days to appreciate the texture and what it does to my skin, magic (haha))
3.) I can't think of anything else.

Overall, I give this cleanser a 10/10. I have tried a lot of products to help with my breakouts and I am very pleased with the results this Dermaglow Correction Cleanser. I have been using this product for approximately 2 weeks, no complaints yet.

Oh, and did I mention.. DERMAGLOW, THEY ARE CANADIAN?! Even better!

Go out and try it!


  1. I've been using this product now for five days and i have seen no improvement in my skin yet. I've had several breakouts since i started using it. I hope after using it for a month i can see some improvement and post Wow! its Canadian and it works, proudly. Thanks for the tip glad to know that i have 30 days to return it. Its quite pricey.

  2. Hi its Joan again.... well what can i say the dermaglow products are not working for me at all. For two days i actually got excited because i had no new pimple, but that was short lived. I now have 4 new pimples and i am truly not impressed.